At Undercover Rose women unmask their true potential to make the seemingly impossible possible!

Undercover Rose empowers successful and influential women to discover new modes of operation through badass skills that are traditionally off-limits. Life itself is a Hero’s Journey; in our programs women amplify their resolve to slay their own dragons, take agency in their own empowerment, impart their hard-earned wisdom forward…and start all over again. They learn it, do it, own it, teach it. This results in women confidently and eloquently collaborating with both men and women in all contexts, creating a cohesive and solution-based world.


We deliver exciting, customized events using methods that are distinctive and adventurous. Each event goes beyond mere bonding by using experiential learning to inspire leadership, global collaboration, and long-lasting actionable tools for life and business. Our unparalleled events cater to influencers who think creatively, are innovative, and seek extraordinary advancement.



Janice Niederhofer captivates and inspires by combining years of scientific and psychological study, artistry of human behavior, and extensive real world experience. She finds humor in the most unlikely situations as a brilliant storyteller who draws from a lifetime of triumph over adversity. Janice cuts to the chase, delivering high-impact content leaving audiences armed with the tactical advantage in life.



Just like fingerprints, no two people are alike. As a Forensic Psychophysiologist specializing in human behavior within both personal development and business performance, Janice provides each client with individualized attention with extreme detail and care. Janice creates customized growth plans that are not a short-term fix, but a permanent shift to a higher level of fulfillment in your personal and business life.


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 “The experience that they [Undercover Rose] deliver is so truly unique and customized for every client. Today I’ve really learned a lot. Great day and hats off to an amazing experience.” 

~ Jennifer Holmstrom
Manager of Leadership Recruitment Team – Facebook



 “Janice is brilliant in delivering her unique and authentic message. She’ll make you laugh and cry leaving you with lasting changes.” 

~ Greg S. Reid
Author, Speaker, Filmmaker Co-author, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold



 “This by far has been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. This is a world class conference.” 

~ Michelle Patterson
Executive Director – California Women’s Conference


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