About Undercover Rose


What drives us?

Undercover Rose believes it takes all of us striving to be our best selves and collaborating with each other to confront the challenges of an ever-evolving world. We utilize life-changing and transformative processes that are innovative, cutting-edge, and delivered differently than anywhere else. The company blends scientific knowledge, psychological research, and a plethora of real world experiences to create customized programs that take women to the next level of personal and business fulfillment. These programs deliver unconventional expertise historically only offered to top-tier operatives. Through multi-dimensional growth in these one-of-a-kind experiences, participants amplify their cognitive, physiological, and instinctual capabilities making them virtually unstoppable.


How did our company name come to be?

Undercover Rose is uniquely designed to address women’s issues head on. With great care and love we boldly tackle the deluge of issues women face today. As such, it was a challenge for us to settle on a name that encompassed all the extraordinary concepts we address–that’s when “Undercover Rose” was born.


The meaning behind Undercover Rose…

A traditional rose in its elegance is, in fact, undercover: it is so immediately beautiful, and yet it bears protective thorns. Women are often accused of being too feminine and as a result, are not taken seriously. On the other hand, women who are seen as too masculine are often not liked or accepted. Roses avoid these pitfalls with their perfect balance of beauty and power. Roses, with their many layers and diverse colors, present themselves with total confidence, working effortlessly individually or as part of a team. A single long-stemmed rose can make a bold statement, but you can’t have a dozen roses without the other eleven. This forms the foundation of our company philosophy and our company name.


Through our programs women will emerge with the ability and courage to:

  • Welcome challenges and master doubt
  • Use fear as an advantage; not a roadblock
  • Make wise decisions effortlessly
  • Experience exceptional physical and mental challenges as meaningful metaphors for life
  • Refine their true life’s purpose/passion and commit to its fulfillment
  • Unveil false beliefs that hold them back from what they are truly meant to be
  • Expand self-leadership and discover that it contributes to the “Butterfly Effect”
  • Learn that being comfortable being uncomfortable increases the quality of their lives
  • Form physical and psychological boundaries, and learn how to honor them
  • Find fun in most everything they do
  • Recognize themselves as agents of change within their individual spheres of influence and beyond
  • Use weaknesses as strengths, and teach others to do the same
  • Redefine teamwork in action
  • Reach past borders and nationalities to embrace curiosity and champion the value of diversity
  • Harness the power of cooperation and collaboration with both women and men making no obstacle too formidable
  • Discover and maintain women’s innate essences while achieving success in their personal and business lives
  • Embrace happiness consistently
  • Realize their life is a hero’s journey and learn to make their legacy count


kim bradshaw2“Words alone cannot express my deepest appreciation for your efforts. The material, the delivery, your presence and your staff – so relevant, powerful and inspiring. It was perfect…you hit the ball out of the park and I cannot thank you enough. ”

~ Kimberly Bradshaw-Sickinger
President & CEO – DTI Technologies


quotation-marks-leftLeslie Orellana2

“The things that we’ve learned today that we can take into our personal life at home, our business, our friendships, relationships, are something so powerful that we all will take with us.” 

~ Cynthia Coleman


quotation-marks-leftcarol ball 2

“Now is the time to propel your life to the next level. I assure you she has done that for me and my family and she can do it for you.” 

~ Carol Ball
Doctor of Chiropractic


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