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“I’m ready to take my business to 10 million and beyond… and with Janice by my side… it now seems like a no-brainer to double my goals now. Yes, yes indeed… 20 million sounds more like it. :)”

Eric Louviere

Internet Millionaire

“There are so many business consultants and lecturers that have their “gimmick”, their “shtick”, or their formula for working with clients. What clients gain from you is not a formula but a deep understanding of how what we do and say impacts everything around us. Being able to understand what was said beyond the words opens up an entire new world. You truly operate at a higher level.”

Dale Ann Springer

President and Founder,

“Janice Niederhofer is one of those rare individuals that will change your life and make your life one to celebrate! As a young person, my life was quite frankly, a mess. I had been abused and had even attempted suicide at the age of seven. I had built quite a story that I used in order to explain to people why my life wasn’t as good as it should have been. I had reasons for failure! And, I clung to those reasons with all my might. Then, through a blessing I still don’t understand, I met Janice. She saw through my story and recognized the uniqueness and strength that is within me. Through the use of her skills and coaching, she allowed me, for the first time, to see the truth about myself. I wasn’t a failure at all – I was focusing on the wrong things and making excuses. If you’re seeking a better life, talk with Janice. It will be the most rewarding and inspirational decision you will ever make.”

John Carter

Business Owner

“I’m still elevated by the energy that came from Janice. Her affirming spirit, her authenticity, and her piercing but nurturing opinions nudged me in the right direction. I’ve heard that if you’re on the wrong road, the wrong destination is inevitable. I’m on the right road and find that working with Janice will be a powerful tool in accelerating my rate of growth.”

Sherman Mohr

Marketing Consultant and Connector

“Over this past year that I have been working with Janice, I have been buffeted by daunting personal and professional challenges. Without Janice, these would have been much more difficult to face down. Her coaching gives me specific actions and exercises to reach within myself to harness my inner strength, capabilities, and emotions to support my goals. From the near term focus on a challenge that I am facing that very day to discussions that intentionally focus on strengthening my core capabilities to influence the outcomes of my life, Janice’s sessions work. Each of us has the innate ability to control the way that we face the world and influence our own outcomes, but not each of us knows how to do this consciously and consistently. Janice brings this knowledge to your conscious mind. She is extremely sensitive to one’s inner map of the world and the unconscious and unspoken beliefs that confound one’s goals. She has helped me to begin to dismantle those perceptions and focus my strengths to make me a much more effective and influential person on a professional and personal level.”

Chris Suan


“When life gets tough, Janice gets tougher. She’s there to help you drive for the results you want. You could continue to go through your life the way you are now, or you could invest in yourself and see exponential growth. Janice Niederhofer helps you take a look at your life and guides you through a process of self actualization. You’ll see yourself grow in ways you thought weren’t possible.”

Leslie Orellana

Internal Communication Manager, Software Company

“Once awakened to the idea that things in my life were not cast in concrete and positive changes that last are possible I began a journey. On this path I became open to new thoughts and awareness around areas in my life I wasn’t sure about. Through simple exercises and experiences I was able to get very clear on how I viewed the world and also how I behaved in it. Learning to choose the outcome I wanted over the hallucination of being stuck in time propelled even more growth. I have moved from telling the story, to writing it just the way I see fit. The incredible coaching and mentoring from Janice has been paramount in my progress. Sometimes challenging but always caring, Janice is masterful at guiding lasting change and discovery.”

Stephen Wilkinson

“I have been utilizing the amazing developmental and training skills of Janice for over 7 years now. And while the initial focus has been on improvement in my business, the all-encompassing life skills process Janice has brought to the table has made not only my professional career excel, but my personal and family life continues to soar. The heights I have been able to attain have been not only financial improvements in multiple increases, but creating an opportunity where I took my family overseas for a year and enjoyed a fantastic and memory creating experience. I just now begun a new career opportunity and starting a new completely separate business interest that continues to link up with my goals, values and aspirations. Without Janice, the levels and opportunities I have achieved did not seem likely or possible. Now, they are only a next level from which to jump to even more opportunities and growth!”

Jon Joss

Senior Vice President and West Regional Manager, Fidelity Consulting

“Janice has the ability to make you recognize and understand the qualities that make a great leader. She then guides you to the self-realization of these qualities and inspires you to unleash the potential from within. Janice genuinely wants each person to find the best within themselves, knowing that each individual is uniquely defined by the framework of their personal experiences.”

Cindy Dowgewicz-Hordyk

Field Intelligence Manager, Drug Enforcement Administration

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