Our Social Mission

Here at Undercover Rose we believe in “doing well by doing good,” and have dedicated ourselves to a larger social purpose. Our goals are more than just metrics and targets; they are a commitment to changing lives.

Our programs operate under the “influence the influencer” model. Meaning that every woman we serve can then go out into the world and pass forward the lessons they have learned to others. The results: an endless ripple effect towards positive change.

2018 Goals
  • Conduct three Operation – Beyond the Trenches events in 2018.
    • Directly serve 60 influential women through these events and leave them educated and empowered with skills and resources to teach others within their personal and professional spheres.
    • Create a mentorship program whereby these women can directly support women in fields of service through Undercover Rose’s sister nonprofit organization, Humankind Alliance.
  • Update the Operation – Esprit de Corps events to integrate important concepts and solutions surrounding the #metoo movement.
  • Begin to put forward Undercover Rose as a certified Woman Owned Business through WBENC. As a certified Women Owned Business, we will add diversity to the supply chain of corporations nationwide.
  • Commit to utilizing local suppliers for 65% of company needs to contribute to the local economy.
  • Transition from an S-Corp to Benefit Corporation; a unique breed of for-profit corporations with a social mission and commitment to social and environmental issues.
2018 Progress
  • Three Operation – Beyond the Trenches events are scheduled for 2018!
    • September 25th-27th
    • October 16th-18th
    • November 6th-8th
  • Our team has conducted extensive research on the #metoo movement and established curriculum to integrate into the Operation – Esprit de Corps events.
  • On 5/25/18 Undercover Rose, Inc. was certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC,) the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States.
  • UR continues to create relationships with like-minded companies in an effort to collaborate in furthering our expanded global purpose of change.
  • In the last calendar year, Undercover Rose has utilized local suppliers for 83% of its company needs and contributed to the local economy through this deliberate choice.
  • We are pleased to announce our articles of incorporation have been amended to reflect our transition from an S-Corp to a Benefit Corporation. Our Board of Directors and shareholders have approved the amendments and they have been submitted to the California Secretary of State for final review.