Operation – Game Changer

Women’s Retreat


A multi-day event, Game Changer empowers successful and influential women to discover new modes of operation through fun, badass skills that are traditionally off-limits to them. Through multi-dimensional growth in this one-of-a-kind experience, women expand their voices and amplify their cognitive, physiological, and instinctual capabilities. Women learn to slay their own dragons, take agency in their own empowerment, impart their hard-earned wisdom forward…and start all over again. We guide women to be their best selves while competing with other women, all while collaborating and raising up the very women they are competing with. This results in women confidently and eloquently collaborating with both men and women in all contexts.


“When I first got there all of the ladies were kind of exhausted, like life had just dragged them down for a while, you know. But when it was over with, wow the physicality on these women had completely changed, their faces were just lifted—it was like a facelift! You come in there like ‘ugghh’ but then you leave like ‘yeahh!’”


~Kathy Buckley

TV Personality, Comedian & Motivational Speaker


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