Speaking Testimonials

“Having worked with and trained some of the nation’s best speakers and trainers–I’m not easily impressed. Yet Janice blew me away! She was captivating, motivating and educating. What a Pro! I’m TRULY impressed.”

David M. Corbin

Author, Speaker, Inventor, Mentor to Mentors

“Janice is brilliant in delivering her unique and authentic message. She’ll make you laugh and cry leaving you with lasting changes.”

Greg S. Reid

Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold

“Twice a year, we bring our Lab Managers together, pulling them in from various locations across the United States and Canada. Our goal is to educate, motivate and most importantly, to unite this group. Our CEO happened upon Janice Niederhofer. What an incredible FIND! Janice is an amazing woman with a true gift of communicating and coaching. Janice’s experiences and insights were shared with this group in such a way; allowing them the opportunity to take part in an exercise of confidence, endurance, and belief within themselves. She knows how to empower and energize and is an inspiration to all. As the coordinator of this event, I found Janice to be incredibly organized and easy to work with. She brings along her own technical crew and sets-up the day before the event to ensure organization and a smooth-running operation. When Janice touches your life; she leaves an imprint on your heart.”

Kathy Haller

Executive Assistant, DTI Laboratories

“Janice’s recent presentation at our Information Security conference was a breath of fresh air for a bunch of technology-focused people who often forget about the importance of the person on the other end of the email. She was able to relate well to our audience and hold their attention; not an easy thing to do when talking to techies about a non-tech topic. Her knowledge of non-verbal communication and her lively and interactive method of presentation was not only informative, but also entertaining. She was definitely one of the highlights of our conference.”

Cindy Woods

President Kentuckiana Chapter ISSA, ISSA, Kentuckiana Chapter

“Words alone cannot express my deepest appreciation for your efforts at our meeting. The material, the delivery, your presence and your staff – so relevant, powerful and inspiring. I was so impressed by the way in which you took our 4 hour meeting and wove together a masterpiece. It was perfect…you hit the ball out of the park and I cannot thank you enough. You earned a place in the hearts of the DTI family; you did it by being the authentic, powerful, beautiful YOU. My only regret is that I did not get to spend more time with you personally. I look forward to our next encounter.”

Kimberly Bradshaw-Sickinger

PRESIDENT and CEO , DTI Technologies

“What a great experience I had listening to Janice speak the other day. She has an entertaining and commanding presence on stage, and she delivers a great message supported by her wealth of experiences. She offered to us practical, useful advice while challenging all of us to step up and improve ourselves. She was supportive and inspiring throughout her interactive presentation. I left with a desire to learn more from Janice in the near future.”

John McKnight

JTS Strategic Partners

“Janice is a very dynamic speaker with a unique way of engaging the audience through her honest and direct approach…I noticed a lot of ‘aha’ moments in the faces of the members as they realized Janice was providing them with tactics that they could immediately start using in networking and interviewing.”

Norma Barnes

Marin Professionals Coordinator , EDD/Marin Employment Connection

“You were dynamite this morning. Yes, other speakers have gotten us to interact with each other and give each other feedback. But few others have had the unique combination of gumption, love, experience, and wisdom that you brought to the table. You have real star power.“

Francine Brevetti

Biographer, Author, Workshop Leader and Journalist

“Thank you so much for sharing your infectious energy with us during our corporate meetings…I watched, and felt, some powerful reaction to the exercises you guided us through, and I wanted to thank you in particular for making sure that every single one of us was triumphant in achieving the goal which we had set out to achieve. You have a gift that allows you to connect with and empower the people who you share your experiences with, and you are putting that talent to excellent use! Keep up the great work, there are a lot of us that need to hear the message that you bring. We all have obstacles in life and business which we avoid tackling, and usually those are the very things that are keeping us from being able to reach our maximum potential. You’ve reminded us of that, and also that where the will exists…the way will always be found..”

Robert Waters

Regional Manager, DTI Technologies, Canada

“Janice Niederhofer’s One Day Interview and Interrogation class is a great addition to our training program at the DEA Training Academy. Janice is very experienced and you can tell she has a passion for and believes in what she teaches. She captures the 4 full attention and the students show enthusiasm and interest for what they are learning. The student comments and evaluations prove that she leaves them with a full understanding of what they were taught and that they will use the training to improve their future drug enforcement cases.”

Special Agent Daphne Mihlfeld

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Training Academy

“Janice Niederhofer delivers! In a truly heartfelt way, Janice drives home a simple message that seems so basic yet often overlooked. That message being understanding, acceptance and love is found in all of us even those that seem, on the surface, unlikely providers of those attributes. Although Janice’s message should be in plain view for all to see, we need her out there helping to make that clear! Many thanks to Janice! It is my hope that she continues to do what she does so very well while reaching as many people as possible!!

Gary Freireich

iFBtv Network