Undercover Rose is a woman-owned company committed to putting women in positions of leadership. To steer events and programs, founder Janice Niederhofer attracts a stellar team of subject experts, world class speakers, renowned authors, and cross-agency expertise from the ranks of federal law enforcement agencies including CIA, NCIS, DEA, and military Special Forces. One of Undercover Rose’s goals is to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between law enforcement/military and civilians. By the very nature of Undercover Rose work, this gap lessens. You will be inspired by company and event leaders’ unique personalities, hearts, and souls, and discover a camaraderie unlike any other. The strength of these role models and the examples they provide of equal collaboration and contribution between genders serve to create an inspiring and nurturing atmosphere. Each team member is trained and passionate about creating compelling opportunities for you to learn skills vital to addressing core issues and current world inequities.

The men and women on the Undercover Rose spy teams are not only highly trained, but are caring, compassionate, and dedicated to creating a confidential and heartfelt space for participants to grow and learn.


Janice Niederhofer, Founder & CEO Undercover RoseJANICE NIEDERHOFER, MA, PhDc, is the innovative creator and CEO of Undercover Rose, designed to empower women through experience. UR events (link to events page) are unique 3-day adventurous retreats developed and led by Janice herself, as the Spy Team Founder and Commander. Each event is customized to draw out new levels of strength and confidence in participants through careful motivation during physically, mentally and psychologically exacting challenges. Janice is uniquely qualified to develop this unparalleled program, with decades of training and experience earned in her outstanding career in law enforcement.

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