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Event Testimonials

“Undercover Rose is an amazing partner for a team off-site. The experience that they deliver is so truly unique and customized for every client. Today I’ve really learned a lot as the manager of a team about the team dynamic outside of what I see in the office each and every day. What I’ve learned today will really inform how I am as a manager and a leader on a go forward basis. I can’t wait to hear more about what the team learned overall. One thing I am very sure of is that they will take this experience with them wherever they go over time. Great day and hats off to an amazing experience.”

Jennifer Holmstrom

Manager of Leadership Recruitment Team - Facebook

“It’s been awesome and truly an adventure. When I first decided to come to this I had no idea what to expect. What I received has been over the top of what I expected. It is an adventure that anyone who takes it can take back and use in their family, their business, their life – any aspect of their life. The trainers here are experts in all areas and their backgrounds are deep and wide. You get one on one, they really make sure that you learn. They care about you and it comes through in every aspect from working hard to playing hard, they’re with you the whole time. Anyone who really wants to get unstuck or just wants to improve their lives or have a challenge in their life, find their passion, I would recommend this. It has been absolutely fantastic!”

Patricia Hughes

Real Estate Investor

“The most transformative weekend I have ever had, and the most fun. You have absolutely no idea what your day’s going to be like. None. To be able to be totally present and all you know is that you’re going to have excitement, you’re going to be learning new things, you’re going to be challenged, but you’re going to be laughing and be doing it surrounded by other amazing women. That’s all you have going into the experience and everything that comes at you is just…it’s like what you see in the movies, but it’s relevant to your life and it’s just exhilarating. It’s just the most exhilarating experience I think I’ve ever had.

I would recommend this to every single woman I know, to anyone, to anybody who is wanting to have an opportunity to grow and to learn more about themselves and to receive tools to make positive change in their life, but do it in a really exciting environment where you’re getting to play and you’re getting to explore new things and you’re doing it in the grasp of the most professional, knowledgeable experts in their field. So you’re getting taken care of but you’re also getting challenged; your abilities are getting challenged. It’s just top shelf, from the moment you arrive to the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night, it’s just top shelf. It’s just awesome! I love it!”

Stephanie Sharp

Business Owner

“I’ve just finished the one-day class with Janice and I’ve got to say it was absolutely awesome! It was fantastically well-structured and I think to me, the most important thing is that I learned something completely new, I did something completely new and it brought the team closer together. There are a lot of takeaways that we’re going to put into practice. Also we made great contacts, so I think it’s just a start of something really special.”

Tom Case

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“This was one of the most unique experiences that I’ve ever encountered. I was in law enforcement already so the opportunity to be part of this event knowing all the tricks of the trade and watching these unique women experience it first hand, I learned from it even though I was in the field and I continuously learn from it. To watch them grow and see myself grow. It’s also empowering for other women in my field to come to an event like this. Not just restrict it to women who’ve never seen a gun or made an entry into a house. It would be rewarding for other law enforcement to enjoy this type of event because it would empower them and take back tools that Janice and her crew presented to us. I’ve learned so much in the last two days just by meeting these women and having an opportunity to meet each and every one of her hand-picked team. A lot of you don’t know this, but I’ve seen Janice at the very beginning. I’ve seen her grow; I’ve seen her evolve to where we are today and if I had to say anything to anyone that I meet, I would highly recommend this to every female that I ever encounter because they will walk away from this truly a different person, a stronger person and take life for how it is handed to them.”

Jeanne Allen

Retired DEA Agent

“Janice was an amazing instructor; I learned a tremendous amount of information. I feel like a week-long course is compressed into about a long workday. Really grateful to have the experience to be here and I’m highly recommending to anyone else who’s thinking about taking this course, absolutely do it.”

Graham Watts

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“I attend conferences all over the world and I have the opportunity to work with individuals that have amazing messages and gifts to give back to women. This by far has been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. This weekend was amazing. I had no idea what I was coming into or what to expect. It has been an opportunity for me to take back personal development tools that I can use for my business. I’ve learned how to respond when I’m in a stressful situation. We had a phenomenal team of women that I had never met before and within the first few hours we were so tight. [Undercover Rose] puts you through this experience where you are able to go ahead and test yourself. There were points where I thought – you know what, I can’t do this; it’s too hard. They gave us tools and resources to be successful and keep pushing.

I can’t believe how much I learned and how this experience has just made me feel like – wow! I can take this and come back and really apply it to my business. This is a world class conference. We often don’t have time to get away for a weekend. You want to make time for this. This is something that you absolutely want to give yourself. Give yourself this gift. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity. Working with the founder, Janice – she really made a point of making this a world class event.

What I loved is that the evenings were about having fun and really celebrating our feminine contribution to the world. During the day we’re out there doing things that I never imagined. Without telling you too much about what you’re going to experience – let’s just say shooting a gun, I had zero comfort and by the end of the day I was a very good marksman. I’m really excited about being that comfortable.”

Michelle Patterson

Executive Director - California Women’s Conference

“After today’s lessons I think the biggest takeaway for me, in addition to all of the amazing pointers that Janice gave us, [was] being reconnected with the team as individuals and being able to learn how to work together. I think we all came together much closer and more familiar with each other at the end, so I’m really excited about that moving forward.”

Golnoosh Salimpour

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“This weekend has been the most amazing weekend. I’ve met some of the most fabulous women. I feel like I bonded on the very first day in several activities that we participated in together. Every woman at the event has added and brought so much talent and so much energy. They’re vivacious and they’re so supportive of each other. There’s so much love in this group. I learned from every single one of them. I feel like they are my sisters and they will forever be in my heart.

The founder is an amazing lady and she has such a strong background. I knew this was going to be an amazing event because of who she is. I knew the team that she put together to lead and guide us through this adventure was going to be top notch and they have proven to be so.

Today we did a breach and clear. For those of you who are going to be attending this event at some point in the future – and I know you will – will find out what that’s all about. But we learned so many skills over the last two days that helped us to do something that we had never ever dreamed that we were going to do.

Breaching and clearing – entering a building not knowing what’s on the other side of the door and trusting that the woman in front of you and the woman in back of you will lead you into a safe place and have your back. The things that we’ve learned today that we can take into our personal life at home, our business, our friendships, relationships, are something so powerful that we all will take with us.”

Cynthia Coleman


“I would like to say that the Undercover Rose is an unbelievable application in real life experience in teaching one how to read people and understand key language instances through voice, body, mind, spirit, and understanding how to become a better person both in communication and in oneself. This was an amazing opportunity for us to learn from within and from others on our team, and I highly recommend the opportunity to anyone who gets a chance to go through this.”

Mike Mangini

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“To all my warrior sisters that are out there, you get to the computer right now and you sign up! You’re going to learn how to be beautiful, be strong, be smart, be feminine, and be sexy all at the same time. No one is going to be a better instructor and commander than Janice Niederhofer and her wonderful team of professionals. CIA agents, DEA folks, you name it, Janice has thought about it, every detail is impeccably attended to and you’re going to have a blast! They make passion plus persistence pay off. I’m an individual who has never even held a gun, much less shot a gun or even felt that gun ownership was even endorsable. However, I have a totally different respect for it now; I understand and appreciate handling a gun, what it means to shoot a gun. I have a better appreciation for law enforcement and what they do. All of these professionals instilled in me a belief in myself and my own strength in how to overcome the unknowable.”

Angela Curley

Real Estate Agent

“Our commander, Janice, is amazing and that team that she led – just incredible – law enforcement, FBI, DEA, military, tactical. The skills on that team were amazing and the at the same time so were their people skills. We went from learning the physical skills that they have to learn, to learning the psychological skills that they have to know. So everything about the team, all of the aspects, were wonderful. The event was amazing because of that team!

[I’m taking away from the event] the presence of mind, to stay present. One of the things that we learned is that you want to live and exist in a state that is somewhere between being completely relaxed and being completely on alert. You want to be present in your surroundings at all times. I think people forget that. We also learned accountability. We, each of us is only, the only one that’s responsible for our own well being. It’s something that we learned over and over again and it’s such an important lesson.”

Maria Speth


“Before starting the day with Janice and her class, I thought of myself as having pretty good listening skills. But really learning from Janice about matching, how not to match, and learning about the importance of keywords, I realized I’d walk out of here a much better listener and much more able to build rapport and connect with the people I’m talking with. Those are skills I’m bringing back to my work immediately.”

Karena Man

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“I really had a great time with our team through the bonding about the different ways in which people communicate and how we could become more connected through these intense sessions. Definitely something to take forward with us in our jobs in recruiting.”

Stephanie Pan

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“The Undercover Rose off-site today was incredible. I’ve done a lot of corporate off-sites and this is one that I will take with me. It is about bringing out the very best in people, honoring people, and learning how to pull out the very best in people through really listening, repeating back what they’ve said to you, giving them your full attention. You are going to bring out the very best in people and honor them and build trust and you’re going to get what you want in life, so that’s pretty cool. The other thing that I learned is around leadership. You don’t have to necessarily have the manager title to be a leader. I learned that in leadership you just need to decide to be the leader in everything that you do and act from a place of integrity and even if people don’t give that back to you it still comes back to you in other forms that just bless your life. So, it was totally worth my time and I got a lot out of it.”

Christine Martin-DeVore

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“I’ve had such a wonderful experience and I’ve learned how to harness my own inner power as well as work collaboratively. The experience was absolutely amazing. The individuals that I encountered over that past three days I have absolutely fallen in love with. This experience has allowed us to really communicate together as a team and the speed at which we connected was absolutely incredible. I walked with away with the ability to truly be empowered in myself and not be competitive in that power, and be able to share it with a group of wonderful women. And the things that we were able to accomplish this weekend were absolutely amazing.”

Jaclyn Patterson


“Just an awesome day altogether. Spent a lot of quality time. Learned a lot of valuable communication tips and tools that I can use in everyday worklife and an awesome way to connect with the team in a really fun setting.”

Jamie Harris

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

“I did Janice’s program today and didn’t honestly have very many expectations coming into this at all. But I walked away with a much better understanding of human interactions and a lot of useful tools that I know I’ll

be able to use in the workplace and in my social life.”

Emily Krehbiel

Leadership Recruitment Team Member - Facebook

Speaking Testimonials

“Janice is brilliant in delivering her unique and authentic message. She’ll make you laugh and cry leaving you with lasting changes.”

Greg S. Reid
Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, Co-author of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold

“Nobody reads a room better. Janice is a thought leader in her industry and a powerful speaker who does not miss a detail about her audience and speaks directly to a group on a level that everyone will understand. One of the most useful and productive talks you will ever hear.“

Roger Royse

Attorney at Law - Royse Law Firm PC

“Twice a year, we bring our Lab Managers together, pulling them in from various locations across the United States and Canada. Our goal is to educate, motivate and most importantly, to unite this group. Our CEO happened upon Janice Niederhofer. What an incredible FIND! Janice is an amazing woman with a true gift of communicating and coaching. Janice’s experiences and insights were shared with this group in such a way; allowing them the opportunity to take part in an exercise of confidence, endurance, and belief within themselves. She knows how to empower and energize and is an inspiration to all. As the coordinator of this event, I found Janice to be incredibly organized and easy to work with. She brings along her own technical crew and sets-up the day before the event to ensure organization and a smooth-running operation. When Janice touches your life; she leaves an imprint on your heart.”

Kathy Haller

Executive Assistant to the CEO - DTI Laboratories

“Janice’s recent presentation at our Information Security conference was a breath of fresh air for a bunch of technology-focused people who often forget about the importance of the person on the other end of the email. She was able to relate well to our audience and hold their attention; not an easy thing to do when talking to techies about a non-tech topic. Her knowledge of non-verbal communication and her lively and interactive method of presentation was not only informative, but also entertaining. She was definitely one of the highlights of our conference.”

Cindy Woods

President - Kentuckiana Chapter ISSA

“Words alone cannot express my deepest appreciation for your efforts at our meeting. The material, the delivery, your presence and your staff – so relevant, powerful and inspiring. I was so impressed by the way in which you took our 4 hour meeting and wove together a masterpiece. It was perfect…you hit the ball out of the park and I cannot thank you enough. You earned a place in the hearts of the DTI family; you did it by being the authentic, powerful, beautiful YOU. My only regret is that I did not get to spend more time with you personally. I look forward to our next encounter.”

Kimberly Bradshaw-Sickinger

President & CEO - DTI Technologies

“Having worked with and trained some of the nation’s best speakers and trainers–I’m not easily impressed. Yet Janice blew me away! She was captivating, motivating and educating. What a Pro! I’m TRULY impressed.”

David M. Corbin

Author, Speaker, Inventor, Mentor to Mentors

“What a great experience I had listening to Janice speak the other day. She has an entertaining and commanding presence on stage, and she delivers a great message supported by her wealth of experiences. She offered to us practical, useful advice while challenging all of us to step up and improve ourselves. She was supportive and inspiring throughout her interactive presentation. I left with a desire to learn more from Janice in the near future.”

John McKnight

JTS Strategic Partners

“Janice is a very dynamic speaker with a unique way of engaging the audience through her honest and direct approach…I noticed a lot of ‘aha’ moments in the faces of the members as they realized Janice was providing them with tactics that they could immediately start using in networking and interviewing.”

Norma Barnes

Marin Professionals Coordinator - EDD/Marin Employment Connection

“You were dynamite this morning. Yes, other speakers have gotten us to interact with each other and give each other feedback. But few others have had the unique combination of gumption, love, experience, and wisdom that you brought to the table. You have real star power.“

Francine Brevetti

Ghostwriter and Author of The Fabulous Fior: Over 100 Years in an Italian Kitchen

“Thank you so much for sharing your infectious energy with us during our corporate meetings…I watched, and felt, some powerful reaction to the exercises you guided us through, and I wanted to thank you in particular for making sure that every single one of us was triumphant in achieving the goal which we had set out to achieve. You have a gift that allows you to connect with and empower the people who you share your experiences with, and you are putting that talent to excellent use! Keep up the great work, there are a lot of us that need to hear the message that you bring. We all have obstacles in life and business which we avoid tackling, and usually those are the very things that are keeping us from being able to reach our maximum potential. You’ve reminded us of that, and also that where the will exists…the way will always be found..”

Robert Waters

Regional Manager - DTI Technologies, Canada

“Janice Niederhofer’s One Day Interview and Interrogation class is a great addition to our training program at the DEA Training Academy. Janice is very experienced and you can tell she has a passion for and believes in what she teaches. She captures the 4 full attention and the students show enthusiasm and interest for what they are learning. The student comments and evaluations prove that she leaves them with a full understanding of what they were taught and that they will use the training to improve their future drug enforcement cases.”

Special Agent Daphne Mihlfeld

Special Agent - Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Training Academy

“Janice Niederhofer delivers! In a truly heartfelt way, Janice drives home a simple message that seems so basic yet often overlooked. That message being understanding, acceptance and love is found in all of us even those that seem, on the surface, unlikely providers of those attributes. Although Janice’s message should be in plain view for all to see, we need her out there helping to make that clear! Many thanks to Janice! It is my hope that she continues to do what she does so very well while reaching as many people as possible!!”

Gary Freireich

iFBtv Network

“St Isabella Church’s Marin Parish Youth Council, or PYC as it is commonly referred to, which is one of the largest Youth Groups of Northern California was excited to welcome Janice Niederhofer of Undercover Rose to it’s annual Speaker Night on Monday January 29th.  The theme of Speaker Night was ‘Follow Your Dreams’ and Janice spoke with honesty, intelligence, and enthusiasm which is exactly what this generation needs to hear in terms of motivating them to get ready for the future!  She offered examples from her fascinating and humble past with the emphasis on how she wasn’t going to let where she came from dictate where she was going.

Speaking to teenagers isn’t always the easiest task, but the children were quite invested since Janice chose not to talk to them, but with them, especially when she interacted with them and took time to answer their own questions.  It was both an honor and privilege to have Janice Niederhofer speak to the youth of our community and we hope that she continues to inspire people with her wisdom and knowledge.”

Shane Graham

Director, St Isabella's Marin PYC

Consulting Testimonials

“In an increasingly complex, fast-paced world, clarity is crucial to being effective, making a contribution, ensuring alignment with one’s purpose, values and outcomes. Janice Niederhofer is your insta-sherpa to quickly reach your summit, your pinnacle of clarity, where you gain 360 degree view and insight into your true priorities and values in both life and business. Janice helps you define once and for all the specific rules or activities that rapidly move you closer to or further from your destiny and reward. She guides you to the riches of a life lived in harmony with your soul’s unique values and purpose. If you want to waste less time, avoid confusion, attract people and make bigger positive impact in the world, think Janice.”

Gary W. Goldstein
Producer of Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies and other box-office hits

“Having found Janice literally out of nowhere, we described her as a miracle that fell into our lap — very nontraditional — that was there to help the family in a very stressful time. She’s an amazing person, spent an incredible amount of time, her personal touch is beyond reproach. She’s the type of person you would look for if you were ever in need. There is no other person that you could imagine looking for except for Janice, and she just appeared in our life via a friend introduced us. She’s helped immensely with the emotional trauma of a very difficult situation. We had a suicidal niece, she helped frankly, the entire family through a very difficult time. She’s given us all strength and hope and we are so thankful for her.”

Steve Boginsky

Director, MBS Sales at BNP Paribas

“Janice Niederhofer’s outcome based consulting strategies are both efficient and effective. Janice has an amazing and vast toolbox of life consulting skills. Janice has achieved mastery in many areas of consulting including NLP, wealth, relationships, and so much more. Janice has guided our family individually and collectively in countless areas over the past seven years. Janice has counseled us through relationship obstacles, parenting challenges, legal disputes, and professional objectives. If you are holding yourself hostage to old limiting beliefs, now is the time to give yourself the freedom you deserve. With the expertise Janice possesses, your life can undergo a course correction. You can begin to navigate the life you want right now. As a consultant, Janice has many so many tools in her tool box; you will actually have fun creating the compelling future you desire. Now is the time to propel your life to the next level. I assure you she has done that for me and my family and she can do it for you.”

Carol Ball

Doctor of Chiropractic

“I’m ready to take my business to 10 million and beyond… and with Janice by my side… it now seems like a no-brainer to double my goals now. Yes, yes indeed… 20 million sounds more like it. :)”

Eric Louviere

Internet Millionaire

“I’ve just come through a three-day immersion with Janice. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was very aware of my brokenness and my need for help when I first met her. I wasn’t always that way. I think what she enabled me to do was to tap into the person that I used to be. All the strength and determination and passion and belief in myself that I had when I was young, I needed to regain that; but somehow, life had just beaten that out of me and I was really lost. I wasn’t able to help my children the way I wanted to; I wasn’t able to see a future for myself because I had lost that connection with who I really was.

I think her giftedness is that she speaks of transformation and she’s not making you someone that you aren’t; she’s just reconnecting you with the person that maybe life has drummed out of you. She was my bridge; she was my anchor at times. But she really was the bridge between my past and my future and I’m eternally grateful for that.

I think that if you’re in a situation where you’re feeling like you don’t like where you are or you’re stuck and you can’t move past a situation, that she’s the person that can speak into your life in that way, that she can bridge those gaps. I’ve often said to her that she has been the person that has stood in the gap of my life right now and I’m forever grateful for that.”

Lisa Tobin

“There are so many business consultants and lecturers that have their “gimmick”, their “shtick”, or their formula for working with clients. What clients gain from you is not a formula but a deep understanding of how what we do and say impacts everything around us. Being able to understand what was said beyond the words opens up an entire new world. You truly operate at a higher level.”

Dale Ann Springer

President &Founder - NewReality.com

“Janice Niederhofer is one of those rare individuals that will change your life and make your life one to celebrate! As a young person, my life was quite frankly, a mess. I had been abused and had even attempted suicide at the age of seven. I had built quite a story that I used in order to explain to people why my life wasn’t as good as it should have been. I had reasons for failure! And, I clung to those reasons with all my might. Then, through a blessing I still don’t understand, I met Janice. She saw through my story and recognized the uniqueness and strength that is within me. Through the use of her skills and coaching, she allowed me, for the first time, to see the truth about myself. I wasn’t a failure at all – I was focusing on the wrong things and making excuses. If you’re seeking a better life, talk with Janice. It will be the most rewarding and inspirational decision you will ever make.”

John Carter

Business Owner

“I’m still elevated by the energy that came from Janice. Her affirming spirit, her authenticity, and her piercing but nurturing opinions nudged me in the right direction. I’ve heard that if you’re on the wrong road, the wrong destination is inevitable. I’m on the right road and find that working with Janice will be a powerful tool in accelerating my rate of growth.”

Sherman Mohr

Marketing Consultant and Connector

“Over this past year that I have been working with Janice, I have been buffeted by daunting personal and professional challenges. Without Janice, these would have been much more difficult to face down. Her coaching gives me specific actions and exercises to reach within myself to harness my inner strength, capabilities, and emotions to support my goals. From the near term focus on a challenge that I am facing that very day to discussions that intentionally focus on strengthening my core capabilities to influence the outcomes of my life, Janice’s sessions work. Each of us has the innate ability to control the way that we face the world and influence our own outcomes, but not each of us knows how to do this consciously and consistently. Janice brings this knowledge to your conscious mind. She is extremely sensitive to one’s inner map of the world and the unconscious and unspoken beliefs that confound one’s goals. She has helped me to begin to dismantle those perceptions and focus my strengths to make me a much more effective and influential person on a professional and personal level.”

Chris Suan


“When life gets tough, Janice gets tougher. She’s there to help you drive for the results you want. You could continue to go through your life the way you are now, or you could invest in yourself and see exponential growth. Janice Niederhofer helps you take a look at your life and guides you through a process of self actualization. You’ll see yourself grow in ways you thought weren’t possible.”

Leslie Orellana

Internal Communication Manager - Software Company

“Janice has been so incredible to my family. When you come to a place in your life where you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re feeling hopeless, she’s like a breath of fresh air or an answered prayer. She came into our lives and she changed our perspective. She showed us techniques on how to deal with things; she gave us hope; she inspired us; she helped us to feel grateful. She helped us to move forward; she helped us to get unstuck. There’s not enough that I can say. She just came at the perfect time and we are forever grateful. She’s changed our lives. I would be happy to recommend her. She’s just an amazing person and I’m so grateful to know her.”

Laurie Boginsky

“Once awakened to the idea that things in my life were not cast in concrete and positive changes that last are possible I began a journey. On this path I became open to new thoughts and awareness around areas in my life I wasn’t sure about. Through simple exercises and experiences I was able to get very clear on how I viewed the world and also how I behaved in it. Learning to choose the outcome I wanted over the hallucination of being stuck in time propelled even more growth. I have moved from telling the story, to writing it just the way I see fit. The incredible coaching and mentoring from Janice has been paramount in my progress. Sometimes challenging but always caring, Janice is masterful at guiding lasting change and discovery.”

Stephen Wilkinson

“I have been utilizing the amazing developmental and training skills of Janice for over 7 years now. And while the initial focus has been on improvement in my business, the all-encompassing life skills process Janice has brought to the table has made not only my professional career excel, but my personal and family life continues to soar. The heights I have been able to attain have been not only financial improvements in multiple increases, but creating an opportunity where I took my family overseas for a year and enjoyed a fantastic and memory creating experience. I just now begun a new career opportunity and starting a new completely separate business interest that continues to link up with my goals, values and aspirations. Without Janice, the levels and opportunities I have achieved did not seem likely or possible. Now, they are only a next level from which to jump to even more opportunities and growth!”

Jon Joss

Senior Vice President, West Regional Manager - Fidelity Consulting

“Janice has the ability to make you recognize and understand the qualities that make a great leader. She then guides you to the self-realization of these qualities and inspires you to unleash the potential from within. Janice genuinely wants each person to find the best within themselves, knowing that each individual is uniquely defined by the framework of their personal experiences.”

Cindy Dowgewicz-Hordyk

Field Intelligence Manager - Drug Enforcement Administration

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